We are a private paediatric and school age Allied Health therapy practice, founded in 2003 and located at 104 Keightley Road West, Shenton Park 6008, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. We are based in a comfortable home like environment with a range of spaces including a large gym and smaller therapy rooms.  We work with children with autistic spectrum disorders, language delays, developmental delays, regulatory and sensory processing disorders, motor based disorders including dyspraxia,  attentional and learning disorders as well as a range of other neurodevelopmental challenges. The age group we work with ranges from infancy through school aged years.

  • Perth Metro

    Professions or Services

    • Aids and Equipment
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Speech and hearing professionals

    Support Categories

    • Behaviour Support
    • Communications and information equipment
    • Early Childhood Supports
    • Personal Mobility Equipment
    • Therapeutic Supports
    • Vision equipment