A psychologist in private practice with over 25 years experience working with individuals with disabilities and their families. Services offered include:

·     Development, implementation and evaluation of home-based behavioural intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), ages 3-17 years.

·     Assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in toddlers, children, adolescents and adults.

·     Functional behavioural assessment, intensive support and treatment of severe, and challenging behaviours, including self-injury and aggression, in children and adolescents with ASD and other developmental disabilities.

·     Assessment and delivery of intensive supports to address critical needs of children with ASD and developmental disabilities, including incontinence and sleep disturbance.

·     Consultation services to agencies providing supports to individuals with a range of disabilities, including intellectual and physical disabilities, and acquired brain injuries.

·     Functional behavioural assessment and treatment of severe, challenging behaviour.

·     Staff and caregiver training.74440972

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